Renovi x Decentraland Buildathon

Renovi x Decentraland Buildathon

Welcome to the most innovative and exciting event in the metaverse!
The Renovi x Decentraland Buildathon is your chance to immerse
yourself in a world of boundless creativity and design. Collaborate
with Decentraland’s cutting-edge Editor to craft mesmerizing scenes
that captivate and inspire. This collaborative initiative between Renovi
and Decentraland is here to elevate your imagination to new heights.

Welcome to the Renovi x Decentraland Buildathon!

Join us in celebrating art, innovation, and the limitless potential of
virtual creativity. This Buildathon is an open invitation to all artists,
designers, and creators to showcase their talent on the grand stage
of the metaverse. Use the powerful Decentraland Editor to bring your
visions to life and compete for remarkable rewards.

How to Join the Creative Revolution

Embrace the process and be part of the future.
Follow these simple steps:

How to Join the Creative Revolution

Dive into the user-friendly Decentraland
Editor and bring your imagination to reality. 

Design Your Scene

Create a scene that resonates with
the Buildathon categories.

Export and Submit

Package your masterpiece in a Zip format and
submit it to the dedicated Renovi HUB Discord
channel for a shot at winning incredible prizes.

Ignite the Metaverse with Your Brilliance

The possibilities are endless, but if you need a spark,
consider these categories:

Ignite the Metaverse with Your Brilliance

Redefine shopping experiences with your visionary store design.

Most Captivating Gallery

Showcase your artistry in a gallery that transports visitors to new realms.

Outstanding Music Venue

Create a stage for melodies and rhythms that unite the virtual world.

Memorable Advertising Experience

Invent immersive ads that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Buildathon Begins

Your creativity deserves recognition and rewards. Generously
sponsored by Decentraland, Boson Protocol, and Vegas City,
the winning designs will be celebrated with:

Decentraland MANA rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Community Choice.

1st Place: 10,000 MANA
2nd Place: 5,000 MANA
3rd Place: 3,000 MANA
Community Choice Award: 2,000 MANA

The top three designs become Decentraland WORLDS templates.

The top design receives a Vegas City LAND lease for 12 months.

A chance to shine on Renovi HUB and the Decentraland platform.

Guided by Visionaries

Our esteemed panel of judges, including experts from the metaverse,
gaming industry, and renowned artists, will evaluate submissions based
on creativity, innovation, and execution. Stay tuned for their reveal!

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Mark Your Metaverse Calendar

Keep track of key dates:

Rewards for Innovation and Imagination

Submission Deadline

September 28th

Submission Deadline

November 13th

Winners Announcement

November 27th

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