Renovi HUB is designed to take first time metaverse users through a simple step by step process to help design every component of their experience in the most simple and cost effective way possible.

Metaverse real estate is set to surpass $5 billion by 2025. Fortune 500 companies have been quick to enter the space, but the cost and complexity of renting metaverse land has prevented small to medium sized businesses from leveraging the metaverse to find new customers and revenue streams.

For the first time ever, Renovi Hub makes it easy and cost effective to rent an experience for your brand in the metaverse. Created by technologists who build bespoke metaverse solutions for large brands, the Hub was designed to democratize access to the metaverse, ensuring that even the smallest brands are not left behind in this marketing revolution.

Renovi Hub

Piece Your Experience Together

Follow a simple, four step process to launch your activation.

Step 1: Pick Your Virtual World

There is no one metaverse that will ever fits all. Each one serves a different purpose. The Hub allows you to select your best suited metaverse based on your needs and preferences, inlcuding factors such as graphics, functionality, public or private access and many more.

Step 2: Find Your Building

Metaverse architecture refers to the design and structure of virtual spaces within a metaverse. It encompasses the layout, style, and functional elements of virtual environments, including virtual buildings, landscapes, and other objects, and is responsible for creating immersive and interactive experiences.

Step 3: Choose A Plot Of Land

A virtual space allocated for a particular purpose within a metaverse district. It is the equivalent of a physical plot size in the real world and can be used for building virtual structures, hosting virtual events, or as a virtual location for conducting business.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Experience

It's as simple as that.

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