The Hub makes it easy and cost effective to rent space for your brand in the metaverse. Our engine will guide you through the process of selecting a virtual world, choosing a plot of land and picking out a virtual building. In a few clicks, your brand’s metaverse presence will be live, introducing it to a new audience and increasing brand awareness.

Choose Your Experience

Step 3

Select your Metaverse

Step 1

Renovi Hub

How does the Hub work?

Step 1: Chose your experience

Find & launch immersive experiences for your community.

Step 2: Pick your virtual world

Choose a virtual world which is best for your brand based on graphics, functionality and audience demographics.

Step 3: Enjoy your experience

It's as simple as that.


Check out today’s popular rentals

$100 for 15 days

$100 for 15 days

$100 for 15 days

$100 for 15 days

$100 for 15 days

$100 for 15 days

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